Top 3 Cars To Consider Buying in Yakima, WA

Top 3 Cars To Consider Buying in Yakima, WA

Audi S5

Driving performance

When it comes to driver engagement and comfort, Audi S5 takes the trophy home. Thanks to its ability of providing a smooth driving experience even on the most twisted roads, this one can accompany you on all your journeys.

Excellent Acceleration

If you are someone who loves zippy acceleration, the S5 is your dream vehicle. Its acceleration is so good that you have to practice restraint when speeding up. Definitely satisfies the craving for exciting adventures!

Competent braking system

The braking system of this vehicle is exceptionally great as well. Even on difficult terrains, the braking is never compromised and remains firm enough.

Welcoming Interior

This Audi model features an attractive cabin that is both modern and luxurious. The element of comfort is also not compromised and allows buyers to enjoy even longer rides.

Limited Cargo Space

Cargo space is an issue with this vehicle. Though it is not the worst in the class, it is inadequate, and especially comparing it to other features of the vehicle, this one appears to not be well thought out.

Compromised small item storage

Just like its insufficient cargo space, its small item storage space is also rather limited. You won't find many bins or pockets around and the ones that are present are not big enough to store anything but the basics.

Audi Q3

Excellent Infotainment system

The Audi Q3 comes up with a well-designed infotainment system that can make any customer who loves a modern touch to vehicles, fall in love with the vehicle. The the infotainment system is equipped with a pretty decent LCD measuring 8.8 inches. Car connectivity is up to the mark as well with AppleCarplay and Android Auto.

Good car stability

Good car stability is an integral part of making drives safe, and the Audi Q3 is passionate about driver security. Let it be harsh terrains or difficult road conditions or just a visit to the nearest grocery store, the safety of drivers and passengers is never at compromise. Another excellent feature of this vehicle is its sensors that can detect when a driver exceeds the speed limit. The system then continues to reduce the engine power, applies brakes and prevents the driver from losing control.

Great Visibility

Visibility is another great feature of this vehicle. Equipped with a large rear window and rain- sensing wipers that turn on automatically upon detecting rain ensures that driver visibility is never compromised.

Below Average Color Palette

Many people would use just one word to describe the color palette for Audi Q3, disappointing. This is because there are only two standard colors that you can choose from: white and orange and if you want something else you need to pay the premium color charges. Considering how orange isn't even a typical color, this feels like a very deliberate attempt at charging people extra money.

Seating issue

The seating issue is yet another problem with this vehicle because of its lack of leg room and head space in the rear seat.

Ineffective ventilation system

The front of the car is equipped with vents but guess what? They are only there for cosmetic reasons and don't bring any real good.


Well-developed road handling system

The MDX has all the features that call for a quiet and smooth ride. Its integrated dynamic system allows users to feel an aggressive sporty feel or smooth driving experience, based on preference.

On-point entertainment system

The entertainment options in this vehicle are not limited. From on-demand music to the integrated Zagat review system, your drive with the Acura will not be boring or inconvenient.
With the vehicle's premium audio system, linking to a smartphone device or iPod is no longer a hassle either.

Easy navigation

Finding a destination with this Acura MDX is never a problem because all it takes is a voice for navigation. The navigation system is also connected with Acura's real-time traffic system which helps you stay away from busy spots and ensures that you don't have to spend hours stuck in traffic.

Compromised interior luxury

Some of the materials used in this crossover have been reported to be faux by consumers. While this does not take away the fact that overall the vehicle's interior is well equipped, this has been a concern amongst many buyers.

Spongy brakes

While its current braking system does not compromise on the element of safety, many users have complained that the brakes lack in terms of stiffness, and the feel of braking is less robust when you compare it with competition.
Let us know which one of these vehicles is your favorite and why!

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