Find a Used Nissan for Sale in Yakima, WA

Find a Used Nissan for Sale in Yakima, WA

Find a Used Nissan for Sale in Yakima, WA

When looking for a new vehicle, you are always looking for the best deal for the best quality. Whether you are considering a sedan, truck, SUV, or Minivan, the brand Nissan should come to your mind! When you consider a Nissan Vehicle, you are seeing great vehicles that meet the needs of any driver and competitive prices. Any smart buyer would not second guess looking at a Nissan for their daily driver or even their work vehicle.
At Go Autos USA, our team of Vehicle Experts are ready to guide you through your Used Nissan buying experience to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the choice you are making!

Why Buy a Used Nissan?

For the best bang for your buck, purchasing a pre-owned Nissan would be a great move for your next car. Nissan is known for providing features and technologies found in other great makes and models at a much more affordable price compared to buying a brand new model car. Something to consider when buying a new vehicle is that as soon as you drive off the lot with a new vehicle, you can expect a 20-30% depreciation on the price of the vehicle within the first year of driving it. What this can mean for you is that buying a used vehicle reduces the amount of deprecation you may experience with your vehicle. Another thing to consider when buying a used Nissan is the cost of coverage for the car. Most insurance companies will provide you insurance based on the price of the vehicle when you first purchase it. Buying a used vehicle can often save thousands of dollars not only on the initial purchase price of the car, but also the insurance since the vehicle is also valued at less than the MSRP of the newer model of the same vehicle.
With new tools available to consumers like used-car history reports and vehicle appraisal tools available online, you rest assured knowing exactly what you are getting on your vehicle even when you purchase a used car.


Nissan Features and Technology Highlights

When you look at today’s vehicles versus the vehicles of 10-20 years ago, you see a drastic advancement in technology and safety features for most makes and models. In many of our beloved Nissan Models, you get the added benefit of their easy to use technology that are just as advanced if not better than their immediate or even high-end competitors. Features to note for example are:


- Nissan’s smart passenger-protection measures include automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and Predictive Forward Collision Warning that can monitor not only the vehicle in front of you, but also the one in front of that.
- On certain highways, ProPILOT Assist can raise the bar with hands-on semi-autonomous driving.
- Must-have connectivity advantages extend to Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, WiFi compatibility, Bluetooth, and wireless charging.
- Interactive Drive Displays, full-color touchscreens, and head-up systems create impressively eye-friendly cabins.
- Welcome rear-seat entertainment systems are great for trips with the kids.
- Motion-activated liftgates make it easy to load up with your hands full.
- Powertrain technologies provide smart driving alternatives that range from all-electric propulsion to variable-compression turbochargers.


Purchasing a Used Nissan

With our conveniently located Dealership in Yakima, Go Autos USA is providing our customers with a great selection of fresh and stylish inventory for all of their driving needs. Whether you are looking for Cars, Trucks, or SUV's, Go Autos in Yakima has you covered! You can see all of our options either online or in person to see what we have to offer. Look and ask our personable sales team what new choices and what we offer including:

- A long-time leader among electric vehicles, the Nissan LEAF has an all-electric range of up to nearly 226miles on a single charge, can return nearly 123MPGe in the city, and supplies the handy versatility of a hatchback design.
- Expressive, modern designs are on full display with crossover-style Nissan SUVs such as the
Rogue, Rogue Sport, Kicks, Juke, and Pathfinder, all of which combine good looks and impressive utility with smart technology.
- For bold body-on-frame performance, plus strong towing capability and a massive cargo capacity, the Nissan Armada is at your command.
- The Nissan Frontier and TITAN are the brand’s rugged trucks and are ready for trail action, trailer towing, and everyday comfort.
- High performance is at the heart of our Nissan Z cars that blend aggressive rear-wheel-drive acceleration, available convertible models, and special tuning from the brand’s NISMO motorsports department.
- Supercar-levels of performance are yours to enjoy with the iconic Nissan GT-R.
- With models led by the Nissan Versa, Sentra, Altima, and Maxima, it’s obvious this brand sets the bar high for sedans.


A Brief History of Nissan

Nissan like some other Makes had to work its way up to be one of the top Automotive companies globally. They started as Kyoushinsha Motor Car Co in 1911. Over the next several years, Kyoushinsha had a few different corporate owners until it became the Tobata Casting Co. in 1931. It would go through a couple of other name changes over the years until it finally became Nissan in 1933 solidifying its name permanently. It then went on to become Japan’s Very First Mass Produced Car Company in 1937 and came to the United States Market in 1957 using the name Datsun. The Name Datsun eventually also became phased out in exchange for Nissan in 1986 to usher in Nissan's Current Success as a Global Automotive Manufacturer.

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